What To Do About Carpenter Ants On Your Meridian Property


Carpenter ants in Meridian are a significant problem for home and business owners. Just like termites, carpenter ants tunnel through the wooden components of structures. This activity can do considerable damage to a home’s internal structure, creating hazardous living conditions for you and your family. Effective ant control is essential when tackling black carpenter ants in your home.

Continue reading to learn how you can stay a step ahead of these dangerous insects and how Sawtooth Pest Control can solve your ant problem.

Signs Of Carpenter Ants On Your Meridian Property

One good thing about carpenter ants that does not apply to termites is that carpenter ants have to forage for their food. As they forage for food, these insects will have to leave their nests, providing you the opportunity to spot them. While you might think this is a disgusting drawback, it’s actually a relief, as it means you can quickly identify if you have a problem. Regularly seeing black carpenter ants in your home will confirm that your property is host to an infestation. Places holding food, such as the kitchen or pantries, are areas you will likely see these pests creep and crawl.

Other signs of carpenter ants include similar issues that you might see with termites:

  • Tunnels in dry wood.
  • Holes in walls or drywall.
  • Wood that is dry but appears water damaged.
  • Piles of insect sawdust or frass.
  • Winged ants or piles of shed wings around your home.
  • Rustling noises inside walls.

The Damage Carpenter Ants Can Cause To Meridian Properties

One of the reasons carpenter ants in Meridian are so destructive is because they target the structural integrity of a home. As you might imagine, this behavior can cause considerable damage and render your home unlivable. Carpenter ants do not eat wood but tunnel through it, similar to how other ant species burrow through the dirt.

Carpenter ants dig deep chambers and passageways to facilitate and house an entire colony. Their networks of tunnels are large and can easily weaken wood’s internal structure and eventually lead to its total breakdown. This is why effective ant control is so vital—you are protecting your home from a collapse. 

Carpenter Ants On Your Meridian Property Won't Go Away On Their Own

Professional carpenter ant treatment is the only way to get rid of carpenter ants once they have infested your home. Alternative control measures, such as baits and traps, do little to address the real problem because they cannot eliminate a whole infestation. At best, over-the-counter treatments temporarily reduce the ant population. That is why prevention is a better solution. To keep carpenter ants away, you can use a combination of techniques that prevent termites and ants:

  • Get rid of rotten or weak wood components in your house.
  • Keep mulch and firewood far away from the exterior of your home.
  • Trim back branches and shrubs away from your house. 
  • Cover all indoor and outdoor garbage cans. 
  • Store pantry items in airtight containers. 
  • Avoid leaving pet foods sitting out. 

The Pros To Call About Carpenter Ants On Your Meridian Property

If you already have an infestation, don’t try to get rid of carpenter ants on your own. Every second carpenter ants remain in your house is a second they are destroying it. Contact us here at Sawtooth Pest Control right away. Our safe and effective carpenter ant treatments will ensure that your entire infestation is eradicated and eliminate the odds of future infestations. Reclaim your property and enjoy an ant-free home by calling us or reaching out online.

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