Trusted Pest Control In Boise, ID

Located in the southwestern corner of Idaho sits Boise, the state capital. This metropolis differs from many others across the country, with its stunning natural beauty and its emphasis on time spent outside. Boise is vast in its size, encompassing more rural areas as well as a bustling yet cozy downtown. It’s also home to the Idaho Botanical Garden, Freak Alley Gallery, stunning parks, bikeable streets, and a collection of locally-owned businesses, shops, bars, and eateries. With temperatures and conditions that change from season to season, producing everything from a chilly and snowy winter to a warm and relatively dry summer, there is always something to enjoy about Boise. However; these same conditions make pest problems a near-constant possibility for local homes and businesses.

At Sawtooth Pest Control, we are dedicated to Ada County pest control that is built to last. Our offerings are comprehensive and we can handle any of the issues that your property may face. To learn more about protecting your home or business with professional pest control, contact us today.

Residential Pest Control In Boise

As a locally-owned, locally-operated business, at Sawtooth Pest Control, we believe that every household should have access to reliable residential pest control. Our methods are designed to be safe, effective, and create reliable results. We always begin by providing a detailed inspection of your entire property, both inside and out. During this time, we’re actively looking for conditions that could lead to an infestation, entry points, and current pest activity. From there, we’ll create an exclusive residential pest control program that is set to your schedule. With our emphasis on superior customer service, punctuality, and attention to detail, we will keep pests out of your home no matter the time of year. To protect your home from pests, contact us today.

Commercial Pest Control In Boise

At Sawtooth Pest Control, we provide commercial pest control programs that are custom-tailored to the needs of local businesses. Our inspections of your property tend to every aspect, searching for pest activity, entry points, and spotty conditions. Once we’ve compiled these findings, we customize a unique treatment plan that is designed to eradicate current pests while also preventing new issues from developing. With routine maintenance that is set to your schedule, we’ll be able to make this your reality. It’s our mission to make your entire process with us completely seamless, which is why we focus on the small details, punctuality, and excellent customer support. This blend of superior service and customer care is what earns us rave reviews time and time again. For more information on commercial pest control that works, contact us today.

Should Boise Residents Be Worried About Gophers & Voles?

Pests like gophers and voles may seem unassuming; however, when they find your Boise property, they can cause some serious problems. Voles, which are often referred to as field mice, are herbivores, which makes them very likely to chew and gnaw on trees, shrubs, and the roots of other plants on your property. While voles don’t have a long lifespan, they can reproduce every month or so, with their gestation period lasting a mere 24 days. This means that they can become large problems for your yard in just a matter of months. Additionally, voles, like other rodents, tend to bring with them parasites like fleas, ticks, and mites, which makes a secondary infestation within reach. As for gophers, their destruction can be quite severe. They dig extensive pathways far beneath the surface of your lawn, which can lead to the harming of utility and sewer lines, as well as cosmetic damage to your lawn itself. Similar to voles, gophers can bring with them parasites as well as illnesses like leptospirosis and hantavirus. 

At Sawtooth Pest Control, we provide gopher and vole control that is equally safe, humane, and reliable. Our methods involve detailed inspections of your property, exterior bait stations, interior trapping, and sealing up entry points with exclusionary methods. Combined, these procedures are designed to both rid your property of current infestations while also keeping these pests from returning. For more information on gopher and vole control that protects your home, contact us today.

Ant Prevention Tips For Boise Homeowners

As Boise's most common nuisance pest, ant problems can develop at any time. Try these tips to keep them out of your home:

  • Seal up the gaps around doors and windows with weather stripping, install door sweeps, and repair worn window screens. 
  • Store food in locking containers. 
  • Clean up after crumbs and spills thoroughly and disinfect your surfaces routinely. 
  • Keep garbage stored in a bin with a lid and avoid letting it pile up. 
  • Address leaky pipes, faucets, bathtubs, downspouts, and other fixtures when they occur. 
  • Contact your local pest pro for the most reliable protection from ants.

For ant control that lasts, contact Sawtooth Pest Control today.