Keep Gophers And Voles Out Of Your Meridian Yard

Anyone who has dealt with a gopher or vole problem will tell you how frustrating they can be. These common Meridian pests seem to pop up out of nowhere, but once they arrive on your property, they’ll start showing up all over the place. Although you don’t have to worry about gophers or voles trying to get into your house, these burrowing pests can cause a variety of problems on your property.

One problem gophers and voles cause is the destruction of your lawn. The tunnels they dig tear up your lawn and create dangerous holes and ditches for anyone who walks on the lawn. That destruction also damages your grass. Gophers and voles also damage gardens. As herbivores, they will enjoy the fruits of your labor, leaving you without much left to show for all your hard work.

Eliminating a gopher or vole infestation on your Meridian property takes the help of professionals. Sawtooth Pest Control provides the services you need. We will get rid of these pests from your property so you can have a healthy, safe, and beautiful lawn.

Gopher And Voles Services From Sawtooth Pest Control

Identifying where the pests are active on your property is important for effective treatment. We’ll inspect your yard to look for raceways, paths in the grass, and holes that lead to the tunnels where the gophers or voles live.

Once we know where the holes and tunnels are, we use a treatment to eliminate the pests. We will apply the treatment, then fill the holes back in.

Additional Pest Control Services

In addition to gopher & vole control, Sawtooth Pest Control also provides:

Get Rid Of Gophers And Voles

Stopping a gopher or vole infestation takes help from professional pest control technicians. Sawtooth Pest Control has over 18 years of experience in the pest control industry. We know how to find where these pests are spending their time so that we can treat them at the source and eliminate the problem. Contact us today to get your free inspection.