Rats And Mice Are Putting Your Family In Danger

Rodents such as rats and mice are invading Meridian in droves. Causing property damage, physical injury, and the spread of life-threatening diseases, these creatures should never be allowed to propagate in or around your property.

With nearly two decades of experience and counting, the team behind Sawtooth Pest Control has been providing outstanding rodent exclusion services to home and business owners in Meridian. By leveraging professional treatments with Integrated Pest Management programs, we have everything needed to restore your home to safety.

How Sawtooth Pest Control Provides Rodent Treatments

All rodent exclusion services from Sawtooth Pest Control are applied in three easy steps. Below is an outline of our entire treatment process from start to finish.

  1. All inspection services will investigate your home for the signs and symptoms of rodent activity. We will look for holes, gnaw marks, droppings, trails, and nests that may have formed around the property. 
  2. We use a combination of exterior bait stations and traps to remove heavily infested pests. Our technicians will also provide exclusion work on softball-sized holes and smaller, using treatments that are suitable for your family and environment. 
  3. As a family-owned and women-led local business, Sawtooth Pest Control offers a full rodent-free guarantee on every home treatment.

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Defend Your Home From Rodents With These Tips

Rodent exclusion services are an excellent first step toward rat and mouse control, but ongoing protection with these tips and tricks will make your barrier even better.

  • Do what you can to eliminate access to food or water inside your house.
  • Prune shrubs, trim tree branches, and mow tall grass to remove exterior hiding places.
  • Remove garbage from your home at least once per week, and be sure to wash all dirty dishes immediately.

The best form of rodent exclusion is always with preventative visits of Sawtooth Pest Control. Get started on a customized plan today when you call our Meridian office.

Additional Pest Control Services

In addition to rodent control & exclusion, Sawtooth Pest Control also provides:

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With over 18 years of combined experience in the rodent control industry, Sawtooth Pest Control is your local provider of identification, extermination, and overall prevention. When the time comes to defend your property with exclusion work, rely on the team at Sawtooth Pest Control for implementation done right.

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