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Pest Control In Star, ID

Idaho pests can be a real pain in the neck. Being near so many nature preservations, wildlife pests are a big problem for Star homeowners, but we also have the common urban and suburban pests like roaches and rats. So you'll need to account for all of them when formulating your Ada County pest control plan. 

Residential Pest Control In Star

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Many homeowners around the country, including here in Star, think they can handle pests on their own. This might be true for the occasional invader, but many domestic pest infestations can be in your home for months or even years before your untrained eye catches them. You might think what you don't know can't hurt you, but this couldn't be further from the truth. Termite infestations can still damage your home and cockroach problems can still expose you to disease, whether you know about them or not. 

This is one of the main reasons it's better to have professional residential pest control. Pest control experts are trained to spot the signs of infestation from multiple pests, including pests that are good at flying under the radar, like termites and roaches. It's especially important to nip termite infestations in the bud as early as you can to avoid costly damage to your home. So don't wait another second. Click or call us here at Sawtooth Pest Control today. 

Commercial Pest Control In Star

Keeping pests out of your place of business is just as important as keeping them out of your home. Pests like cockroaches and rats can do everything from damaging your commercial space to wrecking your business reputation and even losing you money. 

Possibly worst of all, pests can be far more difficult to keep out of your business than they are to keep out of your home. You have a lot less control of your commercial space than your personal space. Employees can leave messes in break rooms or clients might leave doors open, making plenty of avenues for pests to enter. 

That's where our experts at Sawtooth Pest Control come in. Our pest control methods are safe for your staff and customers and effective for your property. We can help you prevent pests from messing with your bottom line. Don't hesitate to give us a call or visit our contact page to set up your commercial pest control service today.

Avoiding The Financial Impact Of Cockroaches In Star

Most of the time, when you think about the impacts of a cockroach infestation, you think about the negative health effects. There's a good reason for this; cockroaches spread a plethora of potentially severe diseases that can impact your health long-term and even lead to death. 

However, a less considered but no less significant impact of a cockroach infestation is the financial impact. If roaches make you very sick, this could lead to an urgent care or emergency room visit and potentially even a hospital stay, with medical bills piling up and the potential loss of years' worth of savings or even medical debt. And that's to say nothing of what cockroaches can do to your livelihood. 

If you have a customer-facing business of any kind, a cockroach infestation can lead to bad online reviews, a loss of revenue, and even fines and lawsuits. This holds true even if you don't run a restaurant. Hotels, medical facilities, and even retail spaces are all vulnerable. So don't waste your time with ineffective, store-bought cockroach control products. Contact us at Sawtooth Pest Control for fast and friendly service. 

Why Trust Sawtooth Pest Control For Rodent Problems In Star?

Rodent control is never easy. Not only do you have to keep the rats and mice out of your crawlspace, but you have to keep the squirrels out of your attic and the gophers and voles out of your yard. A lot of people forget that keeping rodents away is about more than just getting rid of the stereotypical ones like rats and mice. Squirrels can do just as much property damage, and burrowing rodents like gophers can do serious damage to your garden and landscaping. And all rodents can also introduce flea and tick infestations to your property. 

The problem with handling rodents on your own is twofold. One, the products you can buy at the store are ineffective at best and dangerous to your pets and kids at worst. Two, you may not even be correctly identifying the rodent problem you have. You might think you have squirrels running around on your roof when they're really rats. Without inspecting, it's difficult to tell the difference between types of rodents.

This is why you should trust the pros at Sawtooth Pest Control instead of going it alone. Our experts can correctly identify all your rodent problems so that they can be treated successfully. 

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